A dedicated controller for SK-SOS-AGT series full automatic pumps

  • Connect the lead con nectors as shown in the connection diagram.
  • When the KEY switch is ON (the machine is running),the start timer starts  counting. When the KEY switch is turned OFF, the timer stops counting.
  • When the start timer reaches the set time, the grease pump is turned ON.
  • When the switch LS mounted to the distributor is changed from ON to OFF and then to ON (one cycle operation), the pump stops.
  • When the pump is turned ON, the protection timer also starts cou nting simultaneously. When the pump does not stop after the T2 time elapses (the distributor is faulty or grease leaks from the pipe),the alarm lamp lights and the pump stops. (In the case of the one-cycle stop method)
  • If this occurs, the controller is reset by pressing the RESET button and the lamp goes OFF. Check and remove the error cause.
  • In the case of timer stop, the pump stops at the set time of the T2 timer.
  • The pump may optionally be turned ON by pressing the MANU. START button. If this occurs, the start timer is reset to the initial state.
  • The pump may be stopped halfway by pressing the RESET button.
  • Start and stop modes can be selected by S3 and S4 switches.
  • Original setting modes for S3 and S4 are “timer start” and “stop after one cycle”.




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