CENB Pressure-Relief Electric Lubricator


1.CENB type has a timer, which controls the operation and interval time. It has operation, abnormal and intervalindicators that is easy for visual checking.

2.Recommend to work with volume distributors. If works with CAB or CBB type volume distributor, it will feed    oil during operation time. If works with CDB or T type volume distributor, if will feed oil during interval time.

3.Rationing oil feeding. The flow of oil of each output point of volume distributors is equal.

4.It has a pressure switch device and been set up as 8kg/㎝², which assure the oil volume of lubrication point and check if the piping works normally.   The standard specification is NC (Normal Close) contact, which means if the pressure is abnormal, it will have signal.

5.It has a float switch (NC Contact) that can detect the oil volume. When oil is lower than the minimum level, the float switch will send continuous signal automatically and the buzzer will alarm.

6.It has a pressure-regulating valve and pressure gauge, where an operator can adjust the pressure and check the pressure easily.

7.It has a reset button (RES button), press the button and it will start the cycle again.

8.A small buzzer is installed inside but also can add a large buzzer on request.