We AUTOLUB SYSTEM ENGINEERING are the exclusive distributor for “IHI” Centralized Lubrication Systems (Japan), “ChenYing” Automatic Oiler Equipment (Taiwan) in Malaysia and has been providing technical support and aftersales services associated with their products since 1992 when our company started.

Our main office sales & service team cover sales territories within 100 km of klang valley.

We distribute our equipment throughout Malaysia by our appointed network of sales and service agent.

We are also dealer and importer for “DropSa” Italy, “Tecalemit” Australia, “KWK” Japan, “Woener” Germany, “Nippon Oil Pump” Japan, “Showa” Japan, “Taco” Japan and etc.

Our Customer Service – We not only sell, we work together

From small companies to large PLC’s, from a simple manual grease gun to a fully automated centralized lubrication system, Autolub treats its clients and their applications with equal importance.

We place great emphasis on the personal service given to each client and their application, from concept to completion, providing technical expertise for all types of lubrication systems, including aftersales services and warranties.

To enable us be a One Stop Source for lubrication equipment, We are now the largest stockist in Malaysia, with many selection of both manual, pneumatic and electric operated centralized grease lubrication pumps, chain and conveyor lubricator, Precise fluid dispenser, metering valve, distributor valve, lubrication cycle timer and monitoring devices, electronic auto-oiler, Gravity drip-feed oiler, “Simalube” Automatic single-point lubricator, “Alfa” Hose reel, grease and oil dispenser systems, large selection of lubrication piping parts and fittings.

Objective – Value for your investment

We promote our products and expertise as “Lubrication Management Tools” for cost saving objective in mind;
by reducing maintenance downtime, reducing fictional parts wear, lower power consumption through efficient running machinerys and manpower saving.

Typical industrial applications where our lubrication systems are used ; Presses, Paper Machines, Textile machines, Cement, Water/Sewage, Steel Plants, Machine Tools, Conveyor Systems, Food Processing Machines, Mining, Mechanical Seals and many others including Special Purpose Machines.

Our Product Range:

1) Single-Line Progressive Lubrication System.
2) Dual-Line Lubrication System.
3) Chain Spray Lubrication System.
4) Open Gear Spray Lubrication System.
5) Oil Mist Lubrication System.
6) Precise Fluid Dispenser.
7) Auto-oiler (Cam or Motorized)
8) Single Point Automatic Lubricator (Spring operated or Gas cell operated)
9) Gravity Drip-feed Oiler (for oil)

Conclusion – Our commitment

It is our commitment that The management and its Teamwork endeavor to continue to improve till perfection and offer its best service and quality products at competitive price.

We are ready to assist you in finding the right products you require promptly, reliably and economically.

A well incorporated Lubrication System is an insurance, not a luxury.